5 Things Your Website Needs to Increase Search Engine Traffic

5 things your website needs to increase search engine trafficGoogle SEO is the focus for many website owners. That is primarily because Google has been making all the rules when it comes to search engine optimization. This online titan has improved the way search engines work, adding sophisticated algorithms and guidelines that have forced many website owners to rethink their approach to optimizing. It is a good thing for everyone because Google has made search results more relevant by giving more priority to reputable websites and punishing the rank of those designed purely for search engine traffic. If you haven’t updated your website, it may be time to get it Google SEO ready.

Eliminate All Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a bit of a wash when it comes to Google SEO. Web crawlers tend to move away from duplicate content in favor of unique content. For example, if you have two sub pages on your website that are very similar, you may be tempted to simply copy and paste the content with maybe a few word changes. Instead of doing this, make a point to recreate the content in a way that is entirely new so Google’s web crawlers will view it as unique content and get to work indexing it.

Add Image Tags Right Away

Make sure you have created keyword rich alt text for all of your images to ensure good Google SEO. Before, images would do little for a website. Search engine web crawlers can see the alt text of each image and will apply this information when determining your website’s ranking. It may be time consuming depending on how many images you have, but adding alt text with keywords will help your website’s rank. Take the time to go through each image and make sure it has a relevant tag applied then do so every time new images are added.

Maintain an Update Schedule

If you own a blog or a website that uses regular updates, and then make sure you adhere to a frequent schedule.  This is important for Google SEO because the search engine now indexes much more quickly than it used to. As long as the content is unique, Google will find it and list it. This can refresh your site’s appeal and make it more appealing to Google on a regular basis. Over time, this practice can help your website maintain or even increase its search result ranking.

Choose Quality Keywords Over Quantity

Google SEO practices should now focus more on quality over quantity. After the search engine’s Caffeine update, the quality of search results improved because pages that were stuffed with keywords were penalized. Evaluate your website or blog and make sure you have selected the most effective keywords. That way you can stay in line with Google SEO while improving your chances of being found by your target audience.

Speed Up Your Website

Websites that load slowly will also be penalized by Google. As a good Google SEO practice, make sure your website loads as quickly as possible. This new factor was added after Google’s Caffeine update to ensure that internet users were getting the best results possible when searching. If your website takes more than two seconds to load, then you may need to make adjustments to complete your Google SEO update.


About Sushil Arora

I am an ambitious person with larger than life dreams. I work as a SEO Engineer and Consultant. I have knowledge of Internet marketing, SEM, PPC, SMO. I have interest in reading about technologies related to computers, internet, automobiles and gadgets. I read a lot of technology and SEO blogs.
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