What Are Backlinks and How Its Affect Search Engine Optimization?

Backlinks are known as incoming links, inbound links and inlinks. Backlinks are those links that comes from a website or a webpage to your website or web page. In easy way; a backlink is a link comes from an external web page to your website.

Quality backlinking

How Backlinks Affect SEO

Backlinks often use by search engines for determining the website’s search engine ranking, importance and popularity. Google have a concept known as Page Rank (PR) which is a rough indication of popularity of a page and somewhere there’s a relationship between Page Rank and ranking algorithm. Big factors in both Page Rank and the ranking algorithm are the number of quality backlinks that point at a particular web page.

Quality BacklinksQuality Backlinks

Without backlinks a webpage is like an unacquainted isle that is middle of the ocean and most people don’t know it’s there. Quality backlinks can help you to improve visibility and deliver high quality results. Quality backlinks is a backlink that links to your website with using your keyword or key phrase from the same niche (same theme or similar content) website.


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